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Another Rebirth

My Dear Friend, Will you understand? Or will you just see a mountain to conquer? I have experienced every emotion imaginable within this mountain cathedral. Joy, pain, love, security, insecurity, loss, fear, contentment, wonder. Today, as I took a last … Continue reading

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30 Day Writing Challenge — BONUS: RIP Starbucks Red Cups

I just don’t care! I really don’t give a damn what color Starbucks chooses to make their ‘seasonal’ cups. And I really don’t understand why some people have the time to care what color Starbucks prints on the outsides of … Continue reading

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Random Notes from a long week

This last week has been long and tiresome. With all of the gardening stuff going around on Facebook and Pinterest lately, and me being stuck in this smoggy city with grey snow and ice every few days, I have been … Continue reading

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