Tomorrow Is Just One Of Yesterday’s Dreams

In the last week, my life has taken a turn that I never imagined for myself this year. I mean, it was something that I dearly hoped and prayed for, but I didn’t really expect. The statistics were just stacked against it. But the clouds parted and the sun shone down on my little heart like a miracle.

I interviewed for, and was offered, a position for this summer at Rocky Mountain National Park. Next month, I’ll be packing up my cabin here in Denali and heading down to Colorado.

Today, a coworker looked at me and asked if this course was, perhaps, bittersweet. Sort of. This landscape up here is amazing and life takes on a whole new meaning. I won’t soon forget falling asleep to the simultaneous calling of both loons and wolves last summer at Wonder Lake and waking up to see that huge peak guarding over the low country.

But on the other end of this journey is Rocky. Regardless of the actual job duties, I’ll be able to sit on Trail Ridge once again and watch the sunset.

Enough said.