30 Day Writing Challenge — Day 7: What Tattoos You Have and If They Have Meaning

Let me make this perfectly clear: I avoid pain at all costs. Add to that reason the fact that I am completely commitment-phobic.

So I do not now have, nor will I ever get, a tattoo.

I know this guy who once told me about the tattoo that he wants to get, when he has the money: a tree of life. He wants it big and covering his back. I wish I could remember the details of his explanation and/or the meaning he ascribed to this design because he’s a deep fella and I know we talked about this for a while. But tonight, all I can remember is the (imagined?) sensation of pain all over my backside while he talked about his idea.

I know it’s his body. And there’s no real reason why he shouldn’t do this if he really wants the tattoo.

But it still causes me pain to even think about it.

And what if my tastes or styles change over time? Would I be embarrassed by something I did on a whim? I love art, and even wearable art. I make some of my own clothing! But that can be changed with the seasons and tastes. A tattoo is pretty permanent – unless you want to go through even more pain to get it removed.

I’d like to use the excuse that I grew up in the 1970s and 80s, when large tattoos were associated (at least in the mass media of TV and movies) with bikers, gangs and troublemakers. I could say I don’t want to be like them.

But since that stereotype no longer holds any truth, I’m stuck.

I’ll just have to be honest. I don’t want something on me permanently and I really don’t want to take a chance at all of the pain getting a tattoo ensures.