A Few Random Thoughts Before the Weekend

1)      It has been a long week. I’m tired. I feel like I got a lot done at work. I still have a few projects pending, but most are waiting on the outcome of policy decisions with one of our client agencies. So I couldn’t move forward either way.

2)      I am wondering if I will have peace at home this weekend. Why, you’re probably wondering, would I not have peace at home, since I am single and have no pets to chew up the furniture? Well, the apartment complex I live in is in the process of replumbing all of the buildings. Yes, while we are living there. And no, there is no rent abatement for our inconvenience. I have received both of my written notices announcing they will be working in my apartment in 7-10 and 1-2 days, and so far, nothing. I really want this process to be over with. It’s supposed to take 5-7 business days, and they are ripping out drywall in various places to get to said plumbing. I’m wondering how much mold and mildew they will stir up and in turn, how much my sinuses and allergies will suffer.

3)      In the meantime, my baby garden is sprouting away. I have radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, rhubarb, cantaloupes, butternut squash, peas and a few little herbs – basil, dill and cilantro coming up. After the squirrels and the last two freezes/snows, a few little lettuce and spinach plants are holding on but the green beans didn’t make it, so I reseeded. I have lots of tiny lettuce and spinach sprouts showing too. Hopefully, the green beans will catch up. This weekend, I’m going to work in some homemade fertilizer into the soil and use some egg shells around the tomatoes.

4)      I still don’t have any bird feeders up. I would love to get one. I need some more flowers too. My milkweed seeds have sprouted, but the plants are tiny still. I’d also like to get some mint and hot peppers either started from seed or buy some transplants. I haven’t really found a good nursery in my neighborhood though. Sad face.

5)      Now that my spring knitting orders are completed, I’m going to finish up two scarves and a sweater for myself – all of which I started last fall. I’m so behind. But with a good cup of coffee and a nice late breakfast tomorrow, I’m going to spend a bit of time on projects for me. Pending no construction work in my apartment.

6)      If the plumbers are taking over this weekend, I’m going to spend the whole time at Barnes and Noble, reading books and pretending like everything is fine at my apartment.