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Just Another Day In The Neighborhood

I got a late start today, by hiking standards. In the summer, I generally start my longer hikes around 7 a.m. Today, I hit the trailhead about Noon. I didn’t have the longest trek planned, so a late start was … Continue reading

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The Mountain Valley Home

Looking out over the same mountain valley I have seen a thousand times before, the sunlight sparkles off the snowflakes in the air, seemingly held aloft by an unseen breeze. The valley stretches ahead of me, dotted with the occasional … Continue reading

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The Truth About Texas

Read: The Truth about my time in Texas. Here are a few facts I want to lay out first: The units of the National Park Service that I worked at were not ‘bad’, and the history at Alibates Flint Quarries … Continue reading

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Topic of the Day: Graffiti in the White House Bathroom

Oh, there has to be an endless amount of graffiti in the White House bathroom. And given my penchant for national parks (yes, in case you didn’t know, the White House is cared for by the NPS) and all things … Continue reading

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30 Day Writing Challenge — Day 12: Two Words/Phrases That Make You Laugh

The National Parks should be privatized. Climate change either isn’t real or isn’t caused by humans. But the laughter brought on by these phrases probably is not the kind of laughter that the writer of the Challenge list meant. Actually, … Continue reading

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Sally Jewel for Secretary of the Interior: More questions than answers.

I told my friend Amy that I would try to write about my thoughts on Sally Jewel being nominated for U.S. Secretary of the Interior. But really, the more I read, the more I questioned everything surrounding this nominee. Upon … Continue reading

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