A Little Sparkle

It may come as a shock to some that I have rather expensive taste. Not that I have ever had the actual money to buy much of anything.  But given my choice, I’d rather do without lots of $5 tee-shirts and wait until I can buy the nice shirt that goes with my black dress slacks. Even if that perfect purple shirt might not be 100% appropriate for my office.

And William Sonoma is my dream kitchen. Well, if that kitchen were in the middle of a log mansion in the middle of nowhere.

Lately, my knitting has turned away from cabled, striped or fair isle gloves like these:


to larger lace pieces like this:


Maybe it is my dream to be some fashion maven, regularly attending Broadway shows and $1,000 a plate charity dinners. (Ok, so those ARE dreams.)

Actually, at least in part, I think this is due to the mathematical challenge of lace knitting. Don’t get me wrong, I like the simplicity of doing my 1,000 pair of gloves. They have been the mainstay of my MountainWoolies business for years. They have helped me afford a bit of life. But after a while, I’m sad to say, they get to be a bit of a snoozefest. The challenge of creating a new pattern or piece of lace is giving my brain a much-needed boost during this spring season of dreary rain. Figuring out a complex stitch sequence or two has brought a smile to my face the last few weeks.

Here are two more such scarves:

In the coming weeks, I have a couple of sweaters that are drawn up on paper and a few more scarves on my needles. The sweaters are rather unlike items I’ve worn in the past. But perhaps this is a new era and no one will recognize me. If they work out as my imagination has planned, I’ll share my progress. 🙂 Otherwise, I’ll resume glove knitting for the autumn craft shows.

As a side note, if you like what you’ve seen here, you might check out my new Etsy Store, JS Textiles & Designs. Thanks!



Warming Up For Winter

A selection of gloves and wristwarmers from previous seasons.

A selection of gloves and wristwarmers from previous seasons.

Winter conjures up all sorts of pictures and thoughts in our minds. My thoughts naturally go to three topics:

  1. Where are my best wool socks and gloves?
  2. How can I bake pumpkin into every cookie and scone I make?
  3. When will I see some snow?

After 15+ years of knitting my socks, gloves, scarves and sweaters, I have quite a collection for myself. But those gloves pictured above are not in my collection. They were special orders or items sold at a local artisan store over the last 3 years. My gloves are sold under the moniker of MountainWoolies, and have found homes in 17 states so far (that I know about).

If you see a pair you like, or even a style you like, feel free to leave me a message – I’m always taking orders. I knit with, unless otherwise requested, 100% wool yarn, and I can accommodate most color preferences. I have sizes available for children, women and men.

It is my hope to have my Artfire store open within a week, and I’ll post a link to that when it is available and updated.

Greens and Browns

Remember this picture?  I posted it on Facebook a few weeks ago, asking people what this looked like. Or what these colors brought to mind:

20140405_140528Lots of people responded with answers from ‘shamrock’ to ‘Princess Leia’. With apologies to Star Wars, I had something a bit different in mind. The colors reminded me of the meadows and pine trees I’d just walked though earlier that day. Most of Rocky Mountain National Park was still under snow, but I found a lower meadow near the east entrance and just walked through the not-yet-green meadow. While the ground looked somewhat bare this time of year (after the snows had melted but before the shrubs, grasses, and flowers had greened up for the year), there was a lot of green to be seen in the trees.

20140316_110141(Yes, that is Longs Peak in the distance, but the point is the trees.)

Anyway, I saw those colors and knew I could surround myself with that landscape, at least figuratively, whenever I wanted. The result are these:


What do you think?

Scarfless – A Little Preview

There was a little girl who lived in a very cold, snowy place. She waited all summer just for those first few sparkly flakes to fall in the late autumn. Soon it would be time for snowmen! And snowball fights! And snow cream! (For who doesn’t love ice cream made from the white goodness outside on a winter weekend?)

But there was a problem. This little girl just couldn’t keep on her scarf. No matter how Mom tucked and tied, that silly scarf just wouldn’t stay in place and the little girl always got cold outside. She needed a hat or a coat or something with a scarf built right in.

So the thoughtful Mom sent an email to a creative knitter she knew, asking for something to keep her little girl’s neck warm.


This exerpt is from my latest pattern, Scarfless, which will be available on Ravelry.com by this Friday, April 4, 2014.