A Lesson From Mom

On Mother’s Day, we stop to thank our Moms for everything they have done for us.

But start writing a list of what she’s done, and one day doesn’t seem to be sufficient.

So I tried narrowing it down, and I came up with a lesson my mom instilled in me at an early age:

          The back must be as neat as the front.

Standing alone, that may seem like an odd statement. But keep in mind that my mom made a lot of things over the years. Clothing, curtains, wall decorations. Just to name a few.

No matter the finished item, the mark of good craftsmanship is that the backside (or inside) of any piece, often not readily seen, is given just as much attention and care as the front side that is always on display. The backside or inside must be just as presentable as the front side.


It is also a metaphor for life. Are there hidden parts of your life, maybe that no one else sees, in which you don’t try very hard? Or do you strive to do your best even when no one is watching?

I’d hope for the latter.

What lesson did your mom teach you?