30 Day Writing Challenge — Day 26: Things You’d Say To An Ex

I have very successfully avoided anyone resembling an ex. I remember having a “discussion” with one as we broke up about how is his “political” comments were all racist and I didn’t want to be around such. He said he could change for me, but I pointed out just how ingrained those sentiments were in his psyche and we should part ways.

So I really don’t know if there is anything I want to say to an ex.

Rather, I think it might be better for me to focus what I’d like to say to a different audience. You see, there are three men that always make me smile. And it’s hard for me to verbalize what I think about them. On some level, I love all of them. I appreciate their friendship, no matter how far apart we are. Other women should be so lucky to see them as I do.

All three are sweet, funny, and cute. Each has a big heart, though they try to hide this fact, and all are very smart.  It kills me to think that none of them have a career equal to what I think they could be doing. Not that they are necessarily underachieving, but not one of them seems to be motivated to earn huge pay checks or have titles and power. They read, pursue hobbies, and always have a story to share.

Ladies, these men are all single. I have no idea why.