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The Littlest Sleepy Elf

(Wow, two posts in two days…. And it isn’t even a Writers’ Challenge Month! I hope you all will bear with me as I write again about my knitting.) Once upon a time, there was a tiny little baby. Like … Continue reading

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A Symbol of My Freedom… and A Bit More Inspiration

So, my gun-toting, Republican brother posted another Meme of Brilliance today. Sadly, I’m sure he found humor and truth in this picture: I grew up around guns. I even learned how to shoot. And because of my family’s choices, and … Continue reading

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Warming Up For Winter

Winter conjures up all sorts of pictures and thoughts in our minds. My thoughts naturally go to three topics: Where are my best wool socks and gloves? How can I bake pumpkin into every cookie and scone I make? When … Continue reading

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30 Day Writing Challenge — Day 18: Your Favorite Color and Why

I am not sure I have a favorite color. Rather, I think I have lots of favorite colors, depending on the season and mood. I lived in Colorado for years, and the combination of gold aspen and blue sky really … Continue reading

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30 Day Writing Challenge — Day 9: Your Feelings On Ageism

Ageism sucks. It makes me roll my eyes and stick out my tongue at those who tell me I am too young. Really, the problem is that I look younger than I am. Ok, so that isn’t so much a … Continue reading

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Places, Part 1

It’s hard to put into words what I have been feeling this last week. So many different thoughts, feelings and emotions. Fear of the unknown. Naive surprise at how things got so out of hand. Joy to see friends supporting … Continue reading

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Surrounded by my people

Sometimes, I would much rather be on my own. I relish a day alone in the mountains to soak in the grandeur, listen to the birds, find the beautiful details in the tiniest pink alpine flower, and watch the clouds … Continue reading

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