January Writers’ Challenge, Day 31: Describe what you would do in Washington, D.C. if you knew you wouldn’t be arrested.

Oh, so easy.

I would stage a coup and get Trump out of the White House.

He is a whore for a corporate dollar and really doesn’t care about anything else. This person is not qualified to lead an entire country, as he’s completely out of touch with the reality that most people face on a daily basis.

Yep, I would stage a coup and run that loser out of town.


January Writers’ Challenge, Day 30: What are the three most important qualities of a leader and why?

In order for me to answer this question, I first had to answer the following:

Is this leader currently President of the United States, or is this leader an actual leader?

Because I believe the two situations warrant two different lists.

First, let’s tackle the qualities our current President exudes in mass quantities:

  1. The ability to repeat one meaningless phrase over and over again until his zombie-like followers also chant it: “I am going to make America great again!”
  2. The ability to point fingers and place blame, without actually coming up with a plan to tackle the problems he names. Oh, and don’t forget that those quick fingers tweet a lot. Instead of perhaps flipping through scientific journals, intelligence reports, and letters from the American citizenry who are disgusted by his actions.
  3. An ability to play golf on the weekends, when he should, perhaps, be tackling legislation to deal with real problems, say, like our waning domestic clean water supply.

Now, lists of qualities of a good leader are numerous and change with the culture. But perhaps there are a few things that must remain constant to be a good leader. Unfortunately, each of the following is more that one quality.

  1. A good leader needs the ability to see the heart of an issue and problem solve a way to get to the desired outcome, without getting overburdened by the superfluous details.
  2. A good leader needs to be strong, confident and as prepared as possible, but at the same time, very humble knowing that he is in a place to care for a great number of people. Her needs are not always the most important.
  3. A good leader needs patience, calm, and a determination to see things through the rough spots until the greatest good for the greatest number is achieved.

Leading is balancing. Leading is seeing the future. Leading is being willing to do the hard work no one around you wants to do. Leading is complex and in order to be a good leader, you must

January Writers’ Challenge, Day 29: The guy across the table from you just said, “Over my dead body.” What did you say to him? What is the conversation about?

“You should wear pantyhose to work,” I said. “If it’s required of one employee, it should be required of all. It’s a UNIFORM, right?”

“Over my dead body,” said Jim, with a disgusted look on his face. “I’m sorry you have to do so, but it’s not my fault and there’s no way in hell I’m going to wear pantyhose.”

How many women have had to deal with this?

January Writers’ Challenge, Day 28: If you were locked in a museum overnight, what would happen?

Oh, can I pleeeeeeeeease?

I SO wish Night at the Museum could happen to me. I would love to spend my night talking to historic figures, trying on clothing, learning about new things, and generally losing myself in the art.

If I could be lost in the Smithsonian museums of Washington, D.C., I would love to spend a night cooking in Julia Child’s kitchen. I would totally hop into the planes at Air & Space and become a world-famous aviatrix, scarf flapping behind me in the breeze. I would probably pet all of the extinct animals and skeletons, as if they were alive and living among us. Unless they were chasing me down a hall, stampeding through the museum. (But you can bet I would take a few pictures of that!)

One Smithsonian that I have not been through yet is the National Museum of the American Indian. I would need extra time there, just to read and study, and maybe sketch out patterns and designs that I could translate into a scarf or jewelry of my own.

Last May, I had the opportunity to go through the Holocaust Museum. While I only had two hours (I was with coworkers, waiting to get to the airport to fly back to Denver after a multi-day meeting), I saw enough to know that I did NOT see enough. I need another day there. It was so powerful, especially given today’s political climate. (Incidentally, I wonder if Donald Trump has ever stopped for a few minutes to absorb the truth of the holocaust.) It is full of stories, names and dates that *should* be familiar to us, but are often overlooked in American history books. It is horrifying and heartbreaking, too see how people were treated, just because they were Jewish. I know it still happens every day, but that amount of hate is just so unimaginable to me. It is a subject I think we should discuss. We should learn from these horrible actions of others and watch that we never repeat this episode in world history.

Alas, I believe we ARE bound to repeat it.

Some day, I hope to visit the Louvre and the Vatican Museum in Rome. Not only do I need a few classes in world history (as long as they aren’t taught the way my high school and college history courses were taught), I would love to see the iconic works of art that are known the world over. I want to be more worldly in that sense. I wish I knew more. My brain is rarely satisfied, and this art is one category of knowledge of which I have very little. To be sure, I can name many famous pieces, like many people. However, I don’t know the details, the artists’ intentions and comments about their work. I have trouble putting some of these pieces in context because I can’t remember when and where they were completed.

I think some of this knowledge would lead me to be a more well-rounded citizen of the world, knowing the history that brought us to today.

January Writers’ Challenge, Day 27: You’re given a one-minute, private meeting with any U.S. president, past or present. What would you tell him?

Since this clearly would never happen, here is what I would like, in my wildest dreams.

Professor Snape would happily provide me with some of his Veritas Serum, while the FBI arrests, binds and gags President Trump. The serum would be administered and the gag removed. I would enter the interrogation room, camera recording my interview for all posterity.

I would ask the following:

1) Which is more important to you: making money or taking care of your country and constituents?

2) Did you make you billions by legal means?

3) Where does your drinking water come from?

4) Are clean air and clean water critical to life?

And then I would leave the room with a smirk, taking my recording with me. I would watch from the other side of the mirrored window as he is drug off in handcuffs, still screaming about how he’s going to make America great again.
Indeed sir, with you out of the picture, we will be great again.

January Writers’ Challenge, Day 26: Fill in the blank and keep going: “Today I really ought to _____, but I will probably _____.”

Today, I really ought to go to the gym after work, but I will probably just eat some scrambled eggs and go to bed early.

It was a really long week at work, with barely any time to breathe, and I am exhausted. However, there is still one more day to go, so sleep is critical. Tomorrow, I will say TGIF! And then after work I will veg out with another episode of Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot and try to work out the plot line of my current novel in progress.

January Writers’ Challenge, Day 25: Write a job ad for your job in the style of a pretentious restaurant’s entree description.

For the descriminating talents in Human Resources and Data Analysis, we offer the opportunity to taste the Federal Government at its most basic level. Hundreds of thousands of data points will tickle your fancy and ignite the problem-solving skills so critical to the enjoyment of this position.

A perfectly proportioned office, complete with a Dell laptop and florescent lighting that is sure to leave a lasting headache, can be yours for but a small salary and lots of hatred from the Republican party. Clearly, you will be to blame for their lot in life.