30 Days Writing Challenge — Day 28: The Word/Phrase You Use Constantly

When in doubt of what to say, use a code word.

A good code word not only carries multiple meanings but is ordinary enough so as not to arouse attention. It rolls easily off the tongue and is not interesting enough to make people question you.

But here’s the catch: you must not let on that you are using a code word. You must be able to keep a straight face and pass off your code word, all the while, entertaining yourself with the double meanings and sly snark of your code word.

I believe I have found just the code. Every day, my little code word comes in handy. It helps me keep from laughing out loud at people. It keeps me from overtly yawning at people. Best of all, it makes me sound like I am interested.

“Oh, that’s interesting!”

“What an interesting choice of clothing.”

“He’s an interesting person to work with. Most of his coworkers wonder how he’s managed to stay alive this long.”

See what I did there? Isn’t that interesting?

I’m always full of double meanings. It makes life interesting.