30 Day Writing Challenge — Day 20: Put Your Music Player On Shuffle and Write the First Three Songs That Play and What Your Initial Thought Is

First, my initial thought: What if I don’t have a music player?

I have a tiny little iPod Shuffle that is about 8 years old and barely holds a charge. Other than that, the only time I listen to music at any length is in the car on road trips. Most of what I listen to is news-related, unless NPR happens to be playing a music-related show when I’m in the car.

So I took out my old iPod and turned it on. The first three tracks that played were this:

  1. An old Project Jukebox episode interviewing Celia Hunter about how she and Ginny Wood founded Camp Denali. Having driven by the Camp every day for an entire summer, I feel I know the place a little bit, although I never actually stayed in one of the cabins. I obviously never met either of these two women, but I find inspiration in their story. Along with Margaret Murie and Fannie Quigley, these are four women whose footsteps I would love to follow someday. I spent one summer in Denali National Park telling Fannie’s story to park visitors in Kantishna, and I’d go back and do that trek again in a heartbeat. Google these women. You will find them inspiring too. (Sadly, I couldn’t find this episode listed on the Project Jukebox page. If you’re lucky enough to stumble across the series with Celia Hunter, give it a listen.)
  2. Wild Montana Skies by John Denver. The message in this song reminds me very much of a young man that I know, and I can’t help but think of him every time I hear this song – he had a rough life and needs those wild skies. I hope he finds his way back home some day. This version is the one with Emmylou Harris, the best version.
  3. Blessed by Hobo Jim. I’m not really into some of his country songs, but the Alaska theme (he played for years out of Soldotna, AK) permeates his work and the album Woodsmoke has some nice folksy music. Of course, The Iditerod Trail Song is also a good song. 😉  This coming year I will have a friend to cheer on as she runs the Iditerod.

What in the hell am I doing in Texas? I need to drop the permanent job and move back up north. It’s just that simple.

Driving north from Coldfoot along the Dalton Highway in northern Alaska.

Driving north from Coldfoot along the Dalton Highway in northern Alaska.