Still alive…

Well, I had a lovely little post all composed, including pictures, and then somehow, WordPress lost all of my work when I hit the ‘Save draft’ button.

So for now, I’m still alive and I have lots to share from the past couple of months. I will do so whenever the website allows. 🙂



Ok, so it’s really not THAT random. This actually seems to be an on-going theme in my life:

I had a great little essay going about my weekend, farmers’ markets, corn on the cob, wild raspberries and chanterelles. And then my computer barfed (as it does at least twice a day) and I lost the entire thing.

I really hate this computer. It’s nothing but a glorified paperweight. I’m sure if my friend Anton reads this, he’ll give me the 16-year-old spiel about how I should have bought a Mac. I know he cares, but with his constant pushing of Macs, you would think he:

1) gets a commission from Apple, and

2) is hooked like a Mac were heroine.

I really can’t handle the price of Macs. Especially now, with the health care bills mounting in front of me. But I might just have to join that pretentious crowd and buy a Mac next time. I’ve really held out as long as I can. This paperweight of mine is really almost more of a hindrance, considering it shuts itself down at random times, turns software off at others, and just when everything *seems* to be working smoothly, it won’t read any of my USB ports.

At one point in my life, I was fairly good with technology. Now I just hate computers. My knitting needles are the most advanced technology I really like work with these days.