30 Day Writing Challenge — Day 18: Your Favorite Color and Why


I am not sure I have a favorite color. Rather, I think I have lots of favorite colors, depending on the season and mood.

I lived in Colorado for years, and the combination of gold aspen and blue sky really grabs my attention. It’s as though the landscape is screaming, “Hey! Stop what you’re doing! This is what the world is supoosed to look like!”

At the same time, the tiniest splashes of color on the alpine tundra catch my eye all summer. The littlest flowers often show themselves in the brightest blues, pinks and purples, and they equally demand our attention.

Color is meant to make us stop and look again.

I love blues, reds and purples, but I also wear a lot of brown in the winter. As I have worn a uniform of browns, greys, and greens much of the last few years, I subconsciously look for other colors when choosing my civilian clothing, some of which I make myself. Choosing colors is one of the best, and most maddening, aspects of making your own clothes. I really have trouble deciding on what color yarn to knit with, because I really want that sweater in turquoise and cranberry!

I think one of the best aspects of fair isle knitting, as pictured above, is that it allows me to play with color and combinations of color. The ice blue is a great blue for winter, because it reminds me of the sparkles we see on fresh-fallen snow up in the mountains.

And I love dark cherry or cranberry reds in the winter. For some reason (maybe the holiday season?), I always want to knit red sweaters in November.