What Can You Do?


Last week, I attended three days of meetings with our office’s Employee Council. Most of what we discussed will be of no interest to anyone outside our office. However, there was one little session that our meeting facilitator, Brian, held. Actually, he interrupted a rather heated discussion to teach us a lesson.

You see, we are all rather concerned about our work, our offices (we are actually spread out all over the country), and our productivity. Everyone has some sort of passion about our organization.

Yet for the past 6 months or so, we feel like we have been spinning our wheels. We have been limited by various factors – some of which are completely outside of our control – and the results of which are a very frustrated Employee Council.

Brian drew the graphic above on the white board at the front of the conference room and said he was going to remind us of something very basic. We all have very large issues with which we are concerned – for example, the future of our office and organization. However, each of us individually cannot really make major changes in the organization as a whole.

What we CAN do are the small things that are within our sphere of influence. And as we take those little steps, we have the chance to grow our sphere of influence.

It might be obvious, but it really struck me.

How much have I allowed myself to get bogged down the last six months by the bigger picture and huge issues of this world? Yes, it is important to see the bigger picture and understand the issues, but I need to focus on doing the small steps that will open other opportunities for me to be even more productive and influential for my organization and my world.

So that is where I paused this weekend. I’m in charge of keeping our meeting notes during the 2017 year and I spent several hours this weekend typing up days of meeting notes and thinking through all of what has happened. I also figured out several things about my coworkers and organization, among other things. 😉

For now, my first steps in this process are to help our council chairwoman keep up on the minutia of the Council’s actions and documentation for the year. I’m going to stay on top of my projects at work, and I’m going to try to manage my life away from work in such a way as to allow my small fiber arts business to grow as much as possible.

Oh, and of course, I’m going to spend a bit of my time off enjoying the mountains and helping others do the same.

So what small steps can you take?