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Mansplaining or Dental Work. Which is worse?

Ok, so I’m going to disappoint you because I really can’t tell you which of these horrid phenomena is worse. Let me say up front that I generally try to work hard and pay my bills. I have some rather … Continue reading

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A Symbol of My Freedom… and A Bit More Inspiration

So, my gun-toting, Republican brother posted another Meme of Brilliance today. Sadly, I’m sure he found humor and truth in this picture: I grew up around guns. I even learned how to shoot. And because of my family’s choices, and … Continue reading

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Things That Need Fixing

In the spirit of yesterday’s post about the future, I am going to point out a few situations that need to be fixed. I find myself hashing and rehashing these same issues over and over again. Probably because I care … Continue reading

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2016: The year that will NOT be my circus.

Today is New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2015. I had to work today, and although it was slow at work, I had two conversations that stood out. They stood out because I said the exact same thing to two different … Continue reading

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Topic of the Day: What You’d Say to the Bully Who Tormented You

Well, let me preface by stating that I would never be able to actually say this. Because it would hurt a third person whom I care about deeply. But here goes: It must be so hard for you to keep … Continue reading

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Dear God, Again?!?

I don’t get it. And I can’t get my thoughts in a logical order tonight. So here’s my rant: Who would target a place that helps disabled people? Of course there are two statements I am sure to hear/read if … Continue reading

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