A Little Meditation


Just a bit of handspun yarn. Nothing much to see here. I did some spinning this weekend. Two-ply, 100% wool, hand-dyed by a friend of mine.

I am lucky enough to have a friend who will lend me her wheel for several months. She is packing and moving an apartment in the meantime. It’s a win-win situation.

And I get to say I did some spinning yesterday.

No, I didn’t go to the gym. My spinning uses different muscles. 😉 And it requires a lot more patience – a challenge for me this weekend!

Here’s another bit that I finished:


You know, it’s so satisfying to see a project coming along. As my bobbin fills up, I can breath a little easier and I get into the rhythm. It can be very meditative. The movement of wheel and the fiber as is flows through my fingers can almost mesmerize. It’s a work out that ties me to generations of people.  I wonder how many other people have felt this meditation?

The roving was dyed tans and teals, in alternating segments, so I’m making a variegated yarn. It’s amazing that my yarn started off as part of a pile of fiber that looked something like this:


I still haven’t figured out what to make from the yarn. Any ideas?


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