It’s Summer In The Mountains


Long’s Peak soars on the horizon looking over travelers on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.

It’s no secret that I love the high windswept meadows of Rocky Mountain National Park. By about February or March every year, I’m MORE than ready for wildflower season to commence.

But this year we Coloradans had a wrench thrown into our spring. on May 19-20 we had a huge storm come through. The National Park Service had nearly cleared and readied Trail Ridge for its annual opening on Memorial Day weekend, But when the storm hit, the front range mountains received several feet that kept blowing around for days.

And I had to postpone my first drive of the season. I make it a practice to make sure my Friday off (I don’t work a normal 9-5 work schedule) aligns with the opening of Trail Ridge so I can be a tourist for one day and just drive the road, stopping at every single overlook and enjoying the views. It’s just something I have to do after months of being stuck at 5,280 feet of elevation. 😉


Approaching Poudre Lake and the Continental Divide.

On June 3, I finally got to make my annual drive. There was relatively little traffic that morning – I was the only person stopped at Rock Cut, believe it or not – and the weather was perfect. Warm and sunny, with a bit of a breeze. The perfect day to drive Trail Ridge Road.

I made it over to Kawuneeche from Estes Park in less than 2 hours – even with a few brief photo stops – and walked through the meadows at Coyote Valley and Holzworth, and then walked up the Colorado River Trail a bit. Marsh Marigolds and Candytuft showed white in the meadows wet with the spring melt.


Chickweed. I could really use a macro lens for my camera.


The Colorado River flows through the Kawuneeche Valley.

It was a really nice day in the park. Next visit, I’ll be looking at the tiny flowers above treeline. I can’t wait!


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