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Mansplaining or Dental Work. Which is worse?

Ok, so I’m going to disappoint you because I really can’t tell you which of these horrid phenomena is worse. Let me say up front that I generally try to work hard and pay my bills. I have some rather … Continue reading

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What’s Blooming This Weekend?

So here’s my species list for this past weekend in Rocky Mountain National Park: Loco Weed Golden Banner Beardless Sidebells Penstemon Clustered Penatemon Marsh Marigold (Narrowleaf) Red Paintbrush Yellow Paintbrush Elderberry Gooseberry Serviceberry Wax Current (already setting fruit) Blanketflower Sulfurflower Blue … Continue reading

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A Wildflower Nerd’s Dream

Penstemon Ok, so here is a dream project…. Republishing the taxonomic key to the flora of Rocky Mountain National Park. Yes, I know how nerdy that sounds. Don’t be a hater. The late Betty Willard has become a hero to … Continue reading

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A Little HR Haiku

Long, long day at work Data, numbers, HR help! Brain exploding now We need your timesheet Your personnel file is wrong Do what I tell you Timesheets equal paychecks Missing timesheets do not pay Please just turn it in Deadlines … Continue reading

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A Little Meditation

Just a bit of handspun yarn. Nothing much to see here. I did some spinning this weekend. Two-ply, 100% wool, hand-dyed by a friend of mine. I am lucky enough to have a friend who will lend me her wheel … Continue reading

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What Can You Do?

Last week, I attended three days of meetings with our office’s Employee Council. Most of what we discussed will be of no interest to anyone outside our office. However, there was one little session that our meeting facilitator, Brian, held. … Continue reading

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It’s Summer In The Mountains

It’s no secret that I love the high windswept meadows of Rocky Mountain National Park. By about February or March every year, I’m MORE than ready for wildflower season to commence. But this year we Coloradans had a wrench thrown … Continue reading

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