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A Symbol of My Freedom… and A Bit More Inspiration

So, my gun-toting, Republican brother posted another Meme of Brilliance today. Sadly, I’m sure he found humor and truth in this picture: I grew up around guns. I even learned how to shoot. And because of my family’s choices, and … Continue reading

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Saturday Reflection

Guess a man needs an upset now and then to remind him that he doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does. -Dick Proenneke, One Man’s Wilderness It has been such a roller coaster this year so far. I’ve … Continue reading

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Just Another Day In The Neighborhood

I got a late start today, by hiking standards. In the summer, I generally start my longer hikes around 7 a.m. Today, I hit the trailhead about Noon. I didn’t have the longest trek planned, so a late start was … Continue reading

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