To Colonel Brandon….

The last two days have been foggy. Last night after work, I turned on Sense and Sensibility. Emma Thompson won the Golden Globe for that screenplay. It had a cast full of famous actors. But the deep, melancholy voice of Alan Rickman just did something to the role of Colonel Brandon.

Yes, I have read the original novel. I am a huge fan of Jane Austen’s work.

Oh, Alan Rickman.

You know, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth always play the leading love interests. And who can resist Hugh Grant’s blue eyes?! Be still my heart.

But I looked tonight and I have 11 movies in my DVD collection where Alan Rickman plays a key role. I just love the voice, the facial expressions and his brooding complexity. He was such an amazing talent.


And, of course, Emma Thompson is also a favorite. I think I have 11 movies where she plays a central role.

Another touching tribute to a favorite, from a favorite:


Tonight, I started in on the Harry Potter films. Year #1 is done. Tomorrow after work, while packing for my upcoming move, I’ll watch year #2.

Damn, what a loss of talent. I am sad.


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