30 Day Writing Challenge — Day 25: Four Weird Traits You Have

Trait /trāt/ (n) – a distinguishing quality or characteristic, typically one belonging to a person.

Hm. What is distinguishing about me?

First, when compared with many of my family, I have weird eating habits. I will generally choose to eat fruits and vegetables instead of most meat dishes. I am not the typical Stegmannus carnivorius. Not only do I have trouble digesting meats and highly fatty (read: fried) foods, but I love a good salad. Especially if it has crumbled blue cheese on it. I love cheese too, and thankfully, dairy doesn’t seem to bother me.

Next, I have blonde hair. While that may not be weird or different, some people tell me I don’t have blonde hair and that strikes me as weird. I guess it’s gotten darker as I have aged, but I never thought of it as any color other than blonde. I’ve never dyed it (although I am considering blue, just to see how people react). The people who tell me I’m not blonde tell me I have red hair – that was my mom’s natural hair color in her younger days, so I guess it’s genetic, but I just don’t see that much red. A year or so ago, I found my first grey hair. It didn’t worry me; it just sparkled a bit. Like me. 😉

My third trait is really a lack of a trait. I cannot smell. So yeah, that’s weird. My mother can’t either, and we have no idea why. I’ve never found any explanation, and I usually go along with people when they say something smells in any way. Unless I’m going to have to see this person all of the time, in which case, I attempt to remind them that I can’t smell and they should expect me to understand whatever smell they just complimented or condemned.

Finally, I really don’t like Johnny Depp, which apparently is weird. I don’t find him particularly attractive and most of his movies creep me out. And what’s with those purple sunglasses? The only movie I can stand him in is Chocolat – and he’s not exactly the lead character.


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