Foggy Tuesday

Outside my office today, it’s a bright, sunny Colorado day. The sky is blue with a few wispy clouds and a light breeze is ruffling the leaves on nearby trees.

But inside the office, or at least in my little corner of the office, a dense fog is hanging low. I’m not sure which direction I’m headed or what I’m doing today. I had only one cup of coffee this morning, which you probably know to be insufficient, if you know anything about me. My coworker came by about 45 minutes ago to remind me of something and I didn’t even remember what day it was. 

I am in a fog.

I’m not sure if I just didn’t sleep enough last night. I only got about 6.5 hours of sleep last night. So maybe that’s it. Or maybe it’s my lack of morning coffee. I ate my normal bowl of yogurt for breakfast, and I just ate some lunch, so I’m not really hungry, but I’m certainly having trouble concentrating on anything. And I keep forgetting even the most mundane parts of my routine.

I think this has spiraled down from the weekend and yesterday. I had a great hike with a friend in the mountains Saturday morning, but our plans were cut short because my hiking partner for the day had an overwhelming fear of heights. I had stomach issues most of the weekend (perhaps I ate some bad food?), and I felt like I couldn’t keep details straight. Sunday, I just laid around all day, working on a knitting project and eventually got the gumption to tackle a few chores in my apartment.

Yesterday, I realized how full my brain was with knitting projects. So I wrote out a list of my current projects. I do this from time to time. Partly to keep track of my work and partly to remind me to finish something. You see, I have what we in the craft world call “Startitis”. For me, I don’t think I so much get bored with any project I’m working on – I really like most of them. But the problem for me is that I find inspiration and ideas popping up all of the time, and I want to work on all of them. Right now.

So I start one. Then, three days later, I start another, because I just have to try this new stitch or pattern idea.

Really, I do this to myself. My brain is no longer focusing on getting one thing done, but getting 15 things done. And pretty soon, my brain loses track of everything and I end up in a fog.

Thus, today I’m useless and I might as well keep thinking about the lovely cinnamon roll my coworker just ate in front of me. 


Ever have a day like that?