A Jumble of a Week. TGIF.

So I wanted to write about the fires here. But obviously, that didn’t happen. The last week has been long and tiring, a big old jumble of thoughts and emotions. Sorrow over yet another tragedy at Mount Rainier, pain for a friend of mine at Mount Rainier (although I really like what she’s written on Facebook this last week), anger towards other people who lump me with “Feds” in their comments on Facebook and constantly tell the world what a failure we all are (while one of our own died saving peoples’ lives just a few days ago). I have had to bite my tongue so many times this week that I’m surprised it’s not bleeding.

Meanwhile, there is good. Thankfulness that I’m more informed than those naysayers. Joy at the few drops of rain we’ve received over the past three days and the progress that crews have made on the fires here in Colorado. Relief to finally find myself as part of an actual team – a team that functions well and takes care of each other. Laughter over the little kids that fell in love with Rocky this week and were so proud to earn their Junior Ranger badges. Happiness at seeing each new flower blooming every time I take a walk around the neighborhood or hit the trail. And contentment as I stare out at the sunset tonight.

Not going anywhere or doing anything tonight except eating a good meal and working on my next pair of gloves. Another bit of good news that I received this week was that more pairs of my gloves sold at the store in Denali. 🙂 The check is in the mail.

Flags will again be at full-staff tomorrow. It’s a new day.


Controversy… and How the Yarn Harlot Handles It So Well

I went to bed early last night because I was just exhausted. So, as usually happens, I woke up a couple hours earlier than I needed to this morning. What to do with my time? I showered, made some coffee and breakfast, and sat down to read the morning news headlines.

Of course, the Denver Post had stories and maps and blogs and commentaries on the fires that are ravaging parts our state right now. It’s both scary and sad. And I want to write about them.

But the other thing I read this morning was Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s recent essay regarding the U.S. Olympic Committee and their comments to Ravelry.com’s Ravelympics ‘competition’. You can find it here: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/archives/2012/06/21/now_that_you_ask.html#comments

I grew up watching the Olympics and I am a Knitter. I like watching some of the sports, and I like making my own clothing. I see both sides of the issue, and in all honesty, I really don’t have a lot of opinions on either side of that issue, except to say that, at the end of the day, I’ll have a sweater to wear and keep me warm next winter. Those athletes will just have run miles; they’ll still have to go out and buy their clothing. 😉

It is worth your time to read, whether or not you’re a knitter, because I really liked the way she handled the controversy, hurt feelings and the like. I actually thought about the way she wrote, in the context of the situation that faces us in Colorado with the wildfires. Hopefully, I’ll be able to express myself that well.

Yea Stephanie!

What Do You Eat?


What Do You Eat?

True to form, this guy was eating everything in his path. He hung around the visitor center for about an hour today, and forced us rangers to do a bit of crowd control (of the human variety). He gnawed and stripped this aspen of its bark. And then he just stared in the windows of the visitor center and watched us as much as we were watching him. 😉