Sparkles and Shines

Sometimes a girl needs a bit of sparkle. Just a bit of bling or fancy to brighten that smile.

Here in Denali, the sparkles come from snowflakes, from wind-rippled lakes, from sundogs and rainbows. There are times when this magnificent landscape truly sparkles. As an artist, these scenes can be very inspiring. They capture my imagination and challenge me to notice the little details: ice crystals, water droplets, tiny tundra flowers.

The latest issue of the online knitting magazine Twist Collective has equally captured my attention. It’s the details in these pieces that speak to me. (Candlewick and Tepal are calling to me at the moment.) The lace patterns are intricate and beautiful. And in a few short weeks when I get back to the land of Lambspun and My Sister Knits, I’m going to immerse myself for a day in lace weight yarns, alpaca, merino and silk.

My bling is inspired by the beauty around me and hand-made – and I’m looking forward to getting my creative juices going again.


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