Holding Your Breath

Imagine yourself at the crest of a hill. It’s a sunny day and you can feel the warmth on your cheeks. A breeze is blowing. You can see for miles from your vantage point.The hills roll away like waves in a giant green ocean.

At your feet, the edge of the precipice. You look over and way, way, way down below you see this ribbon of a road snaking through the hills. You know that road is going to take you some place amazing, if you can just get up the courage to start down the hill.

That’s where I find myself at the moment. Waiting on the edge, holding my breath, about to take that leap.


4 thoughts on “Holding Your Breath

  1. Rocky here you come! This is a wonderful thing for you Jen. Alaska’s a wonderful place but you’ll be back in the place you really love, with people that love you too. It will be great to see you in September.

  2. Janine, 2012 has just caught me by surprise. In so many ways. I just need the next three weeks to pass quickly and safely (in regards to the traveling). I can’t wait to see you guys and everyone else again!!!!!

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