Life Is Always Greener….

We’ve all had that feeling.

You know.

Life is always greener on the other side of the fence.

This week happens to be the 7th (really??? SEVENTH?) annual RMNP Forums STOMP event.

I’m not there.

Neither is Bill or Sandy. Or Charlie. Or a few other people. But the first three are my companions of the hour.

We’re all whining. We’ve all been sick. (OK, so the fever and sinus/throat issues aren’t the reason I’m not there, but, well, they made their nasty curtain call just at the right time.)

It’s amazing how a group of friends can get to know each other so well. It seems like just yesterday, I met Bill. And Aaron. But really, Bill and I have been arguing baseball for more than 7 years? How long have Aaron and I been calling each other names?

Time sure flies.

In honor of my friends who are snowshoeing and building igloos in Rocky Mountain National Park this week – and those of us who are elsewhere – I’d like to share Bill’s blog entry from today. He writes so well; I couldn’t have said it any better! Check it out:

Poppy’s Perspective: The Leftbehinders


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