A Night To Stay In

My friends down in the Lower 48 are dealing with, what they have termed, “Snowpocalypse 2011”. Giant storms are blanketing the midwest and eastern U.S. and everyone is hunkering down. It makes me smile.

It’s +19F here in the Denali frontcountry. Earlier today it was +34F. Yes, that’s a heat wave for this time of year. It’s subsequently clouded over and started snowing again. The winds have picked up a bit too. Flakes are swirling around the MSLC, blowing off the roof in big gusts and it LOOKS like it’s getting colder outside.

Tonight will be another night to curl up in my cabin with an Irish coffee, turn a movie on, and attack the long list of UFOs in my knitting bag. And shelves. And purse. Ok, so my entire cabin is a study in “unfinished objects”.

I’ve been following the Yarn Harlot’s progress of Finishitupitis the past few days. I’m not sure whether I feel inspired or guilty. But hopefully, this little motivation will lead to good things.

The stress of jobs, moving, choices, etc. is even more fresh in my mind than yesterday. I received another interest/availability inquiry from another park that I applied to, so I might have another interview coming soon. It’s good that I have choices and opportunities, but it doesn’t make the choosing any easier.

I hope that, by keeping my mind on finishing (or at least working on) knitting projects tonight, I’ll relax, refocus and be productive tomorrow.


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