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“When you walk into any natural National Park, you’re walking into somebody’s homeland. You’re walking into somebody’s house. You’re walking into somebody’s church. You’re walking into somebody’s place where they’ve lived since the time the Creator made it for them.” … Continue reading

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Native Knowledge

This past weekend, I found myself looking through online seed catalogs and thinking towards spring. I sent a note to a friend of mine who has lived in northern Alaska his whole life, asking for advice on gardening up here. … Continue reading

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Wrong Weather

Here at Denali, we’re used to cold weather. Last week one day it got down to -26F. But today and tomorrow will see a warm, moist storm roll through. It’s hovering around freezing right now – WAY too warm for … Continue reading

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The Denali Kennels

One of the common subjects of interest at Denali National Park and Preserve is the Sled Dog Kennels. The park was established in 1917 and the first Superintendent, Harry Karstens, was appointed in 1921. Karstens was already a musher and … Continue reading

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How much light is there on November 10, 2010?

I get a lot of questions about light in Alaska. “Isn’t it dark all winter?” or “Is that because there is always so much darkness?” or “How do you see to walk to the bathroom?” I started a little project … Continue reading

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Basket Making with Julia

This morning I got my weekly update from King Salmon, AK… in the form of the weekly letter from Julia (she sends a weekly email everyone at once about what’s been going on in her life during the past week). … Continue reading

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Another Cabin in Alaska…..

Flashback to 2007…. This was the first cabin. Within the city limits of Fairbanks, and yes, it was dry: no plumbing. See the square blue thing by the front door? We had four of them to bring water into our … Continue reading

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