Day #15… No End In Sight.

You’ll notice that the sweater has MOST of its body and 1 2/3 sleeves. That’s how it stands. I’m not going to meet the Ravelympics deadline on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, I keep having computer problems. My laptop is the most expensive paperweight I’ve ever owned. I find myself listing off reasons why we need computers.

1. They help with health care.
2. They help me communicate with family and friends around the world.

And the best reason yet:

3. They are teaching me inordinate amounts of patience.

Or maybe they have just worn me down and I have given in. I will no longer fight. I will let them control my universe. I am a weak person.


Day #13 – but no pictures

Ravelympics Progress Report:

1) The body of my sweater is *nearly* done to the underarm, where I would join the sleeves in for the yoke.

2) I have one sleeve about 3/4 done.

What I don’t have done:

1) 1 1/4 sleeves.

2) Yoke, collar, finishing.

Can I get this done by Sunday night? I’m still going to try. If you see someone knitting on the train between Lacey and Portland on Saturday, surrounded by teasing friends, you’ll know it’s me, still trying. πŸ˜‰ I’m supposed to go to Portland on Saturday for lunch and siteseeing with some friends. I’m hoping the train ride will provide knitting time. Otherwise I foresee a few sleepless nights in the near future.

Pictures of my progress tomorrow!

The Knitting Ranger Makes Progress…

The sweater in the picture above is NOT one of my Ravelympics projects. Rather, it’s a sweater that I started almost 2 years ago and finished maybe 2 weeks ago. It thick, warm and was easy to knit, once I got over the anxiety of not purchasing enough yarn the first time. Thankfully, Seattle has yarn stores. I like the sweater. It’s warm enough to wear here in the winter – and big enough that I can get 2 layers of long underwear on underneath. πŸ™‚

The little socks ARE one of my Ravelympics projects. And they are done! Woohoo! (The pattern will be available next month.) For this grand accomplishment, Ravelry links my page to this award:

Who ever said Knitting wasn’t cool?! πŸ˜‰

And last night, Mika hosted a girls’ night Bunko party. 16 women eating lots of food, drinking a few beers, and playing a game that slightly resembles Yahtzee. Oh, and screaming every time they got a good score. It was fun. I donated a hand-knit hat as a door prize, which was won by my friend Jill. (For Ravelers, it’s the Alaska Cable Knit Stocking Cap II – Bulky project.)

Now on to the sad news, my beautiful sweater that’s my main Ravelympics project has had a set back. I started in on the shaping for the bust and decided I didn’t like it. So I’m now ripping back 2″ tonight and starting that section over. Can I get this done (and pattern written) by Friday?

Wish me luck! And wish Apolo luck. He skates again tonight. πŸ˜‰


He did it again. How cool is that?

Quote of the Day:
“If I have given my all and still do not win, I haven’t lost. Others might remember winning or losing; I remember the journey.” -Apolo Anton Ohno

I love inspiring quotes. They make me happy. They give me something to think about and the inspiration to strive.

Sometimes in life, it may seem that what you do is useless, or no one cares, or it (whatever you’re working on) will never make the difference you hope to make. Believe me, working in a government office, I understand this mentality! And sometimes it seems that those who strive the hardest are marginalized, because someone else is afraid to be shown up, or is lazy and doesn’t want to put in much effort. It could be a lot of things. Several times this past year I’ve been told such things as “Don’t worry about XYZ. It’s not your job.”

But please. This country needs us. And not just the gold medal winners (although they are mighty fun to watch!). I heard a story on NPR a couple of weeks ago about the ‘Moral Underground’ – people who things to help their coworkers, neighbors, etc. in times of need, even though these things might be frowned upon by bosses, corporate America and sometimes even popular culture.

If you see something that needs to be done, and YOU are the one who sees this need, do it! Don’t wait for someone else to come along. That would mean you’re just like everyone else.

“Nothing happens until something moves.”

At least the van is ok…

Amidst other things today, I took the office van to the shop to have the spare tire fixed and remounted. I’m not sure when the mounting broke, but we need the room inside the van for snowshoes; the tire must go back to its correct location.

After looking at the van for less than a minute, the mechanic at the park’s shop said nothing was actually broken; he could have it all fixed in less than 30 minutes. And so he did.

Meanwhile, everything else today seems to be going south. I woke up late. I slammed my finger in a drawer this morning. While working at the Longmire Museum, I had 3 men come in, rather impatiently, wanting climbing permits. Since the museum is not my normal duty station (and no one showed me where anything is), the process of getting their permits, registering their climb and routes, and reserving their spaces at Camp Muir (base camp on this side of the mountain) took a bit longer than it should have taken. I had to call a coworker to ask for help; he’s now upset with me and will be telling tales of my ineptitude for months to come. Oh, the permits and registration all worked out in the end and everything was done correctly (and by myself, thank you very much), but this coworker will continue to pass judgement.

At least Lindsey Vonn got a gold medal at Vancouver today. And tonight, I will be knitting, having a drink and watching Shaun and Apolo do their things.

And I will forget this day ever happened. Until Mike gripes about it (again) to me.