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To The Dogs

That’s my new friend, Ritz. Gouda (in her house) and Argus (on top of his) watch in the background. Feeding nine energetic dogs is entertaining! Ritz was the most calm; she followed me around and ate when I was done … Continue reading

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Sled Dogs

This weekend, I’ll be house-sitting for some co-workers. Jeff and Mary spent many years working up in Denali NP before moving down here. Their ‘kids’ are a team of nine Alaskan Huskies. Yes, they are a working sled dog team. … Continue reading

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Dumb Question

If someone gives you a blog award, and you can’t seem to find where it is on-line and therefore have no knowledge of what you’ve won, are you still a winner? Or do I just need group therapy?

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Time for a Little Road Trip

I got to play the tourist (touron?) role. When I figured out a few places to visit in the region, I had to add Roslyn, WA, to the list. Why? Because Northern Exposure was a cool show. Enough said.

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Hikes out of Ohanapecosh

Two big fir snags in Grove of the Patriarchs. This little ~1 mile hike takes you to a nice old-growth stand in the southeast corner of the park. Don’t ask if it’s really “old growth” or “ancient” – we interpreters … Continue reading

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