I Need to Post New Pictures

Another thing I’m hindered because of no internet at home. My work computer isn’t friendly to my camera’s cord, USB connections, or memory sticks. This coming weekend, though, I have groups coming Friday and Sunday. Hopefully, I’ll get some good pictures and will find a way to post them.


The End of Wireless

Verizon finally let me out of my contract. Perhaps it’s because my modem couldn’t pick up a network for most of last week. Or maybe it’s just because I called and told them I wasn’t going to pay for something I couldn’t use (again).

I must admit, the loosening of the budget is nice, but I can’t get some of work done at home any more. This really cramps my style.

And it hinders my ability to talk to my friends every night via Facebook. *sigh* Whatever will I do?

Snow, Snow and MORE Snow..

Sorry, no current pictures for the moment. I’ll post some as soon as I can. Today is Saturday, and I didn’t have to work, but I was supposed to go over to Fawn and Chuck’s house to feed their pets. Well, state road 706 out here in front of the park was covered in slush and snow, but the further west you got (Highway 7), the slush was turning to packed ice. I turned around and called Fawn’s neighbor to come feed the horse tonight.

The central Cascades are expecting more than a foot of new snow today/tomorrow morning. Here’s what one of our park biological techs sent out in an email today:

You may think there is more snow on the ground in Longmire this year [compared to last year], but take note of the following:

2008 March 27th Longmire snowdepth: 64″
2009 March 27th Longmire snowdepth: 51″

Also of interest:

From March 27th-March 29th of 2008, Longmire received 21″ of snow to reach a total of 70″ on the ground by March 29th.

The storms over the next few days should bring over a foot of snow to Longmire.

When will spring arrive? Those of you with daffodils and tulips coming up: I’m officially ignoring you. 😛

Where Did The Week Go??

Good Grief! This week was not as busy as some — or so says our education center calendar. But goodness, it went fast and I don’t remember half of it. 😉 I guess I haven’t blogged since Tuesday night.

Tuesday’s program motivated me to learn/write a new snowshoe program for Fawn and I to use at Longmire, the next time snow and bad weather hinder us from taking our group to Paradise.

I had one lunch meeting with our Division Chief on my own (Monday) and then one with her and Fawn together. If you’re ever in the area of Longmire, Park HQ, or Ashford, WA, be sure to try the Copper Creek Inn for lunch or dinner. It was tasty! (Ok, so I had it for dinner tonight too, on my way home from Longmire and work…)

I’ve started researching my chosen character for the park’s living history efforts: Susan Longmire Hall (granddaughter of James Longmire, for those curious types).

In other news, I finally convinced Verizon that my air card modem was useless out here – too often, it simply can’t pick up their network. So FINALLY, I am out of that contract. It worked great in the city, but out here in the park, it’s nothing but a paperweight. So my budget has shrunk by $60 each month. More money for yarn? 😉

I’ve made progress on the raglan turtleneck sweater of Araucania Multy (spelling?) that I’d wanted to get done before Christmas…. One and a half sleeves to go, and it will be done! Woot! And I’ve been mulling over ideas for the Lambspun Prism that my wonderful SnB friends sent me this week. I still can’t narrow it down to one project… Such problems!

I did a little bit of a snowshoe hike today, in planning for next week’s groups. I’ll have to review my pictures and post a couple. 😉

The Official Rainier Ranger Angel

The Interp staff here apparently have a tradition. If no one on a snowshoe walk falls down by the end of the program, the ranger will make a snow angel at the trailhead.

Today, our school group got a special treat. Unfortunately, the weather/snow was bad enough that the park plows couldn’t get the road cleared through to Paradise in the morning. So instead, Ranger Marne took us on a walk around the Trail of Shadows at Longmire. We talked about the standard winter ecology/adaptations information as usual, but Marne added in some of the history of Longmire and the geology of the springs. If you didn’t know, there are mineral springs – not HOT mineral springs, the water is cool to the touch (which we all did!) – at Longmire. This is what first attracted James Longmire to the meadow in 1883. (Ok, so his lost horse had a part to play in the discovery as well…)

Our group was eighth graders today; the trail we were on is much easier than the Nisqually Vista loop at Paradise. No kids fell over, so Marne was true to the ranger oath (*wink*):

She Took A Lichen’ To Him…

Okay then, here’s the whole story…

Alice Algae got lonesome on her own, so she set out to find a partner. She bumped into Freddy Fungus one day, and he seemed like a “fungi” (get it? “fun guy”?). So they started “hanging out” together– took a “lichen” to each other, you see. It seemed like a good partnership: Alice was the breadwinner, producing food enough for them both; and Freddy was the homemaker, providing the roof over their heads. But you know, sometimes the relationship is “up in the air,” sometimes it’s “on the rocks.”

My fellow interp., Julia, suggested that the lichen above is in the Hypogymnia genus. We’re not sure on the exact species… There are a couple that look very similar out here. The discs are the fruiting structures of the fungus (called apothecia).

MountainMama, you were the closest! Woohoo!!

Boots Has An Identity

I didn’t catch all of what he said, and I can’t spell his name, but Boots is a nice enough fella. From Olympia, works Monday-Friday and goes home on the weekends. Thus the no noise on the weekends. 😉 We were trying to do laundry at the same time tonight.